Setting Goals

I am in constant pursuit of my best self - and I think that more than anything that has been what my first two months of 2017 have been about! Despite the fact that my gym attendance has been anything but consistent (I blame bronchitis!), I have been ~making moves~ to be more productive, healthy, patient, happy and inspired. Although I am constantly falling off the bandwagon and reaching for french fries, prioritizing play over work and falling prey to procrastination, it's all about the effort people! One of my favorite Sunday night rituals is to plan out a few goals for the week, ways to get me moving, working and having a little bit of fun too.

To be inspired...

~ Start reading a new book.
~ Create a mood board and fill it with fashion, decor, photography and words that are "giving me life" 
~ Just write. Whether it's for Obsessee (which never feels like work), journaling or the blog.

I am inspired by so many different subjects of life - whether it's God, music, books, art, fashion or people - I am constantly finding sources that spark something in me. But when I'm overwhelmed or overly focused on my to-do list, it can be really easy to fall into a rut. As I am already preparing for what will be an incredibly busy week, it's really important to me that I make time to enjoy this beautiful world, exercise my creative bone and simply be inspired. I know it will only make me better at everything else I do. 

To be relaxed...

~ Find a great playlist, pour a glass of wine (yay for my second week as a 21-year-old!!!) and cook a really great meal. 
~ Organize a fun night with friends.
~ Get a spray tan (my shameless beauty addiction!) 

I get very overwhelmed very easily and so for the sake of my own health it's important to take some time to breathe. Even as my three-exam week approaches I want to make it a priority to give myself space to relax and have a little fun. 

To be Productive...

~ Clean the entire apartment (Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom!) and wash my sheets!
~ Kick booty on my exams! And do so by putting the phone away and hitting the books. 
~ Plan a fun night in for my parent's visit. 

There is no doubt in my mind that my week is going to induce serious stress - I have a night exam on monday, two more tests on tuesday and all day work/school on Wednesday and Thursday. While this weekend will be a sweet break from the chaos (my family is visiting!!), I'm also going to have to get my apartment in tip-top shape for the 'rents. There is no room for my procrastination habits this week, although I'm kind of procrastinating by blogging (hehe). 

To be healthy...

~ No eating out. 
~ Hit the gym at least 3 times times week.
~ Eat breakfast and drink plenty of water. 

Leading a healthy lifestyle is something that has become really important to me in the last two years and although I'm not always as committed to the game as I should be, it's something I'm constantly working at. Things have been hectic since returning from Christmas break and I've used that as an excuse to eat out and skip workouts. Now that I've finally kicked my month-long battle with bronchitis, am getting in the rhythm with school and had a celebratory 21st Birthday (lots of cupcakes and wine, duh!) it's time to get my butt back into shape! 

Here's to an inspired, relaxing, productive and healthy last full week of February! 

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