A Weekend in the City

I grew up just 40 minutes outside of Downtown Chicago and while I've always loved a quick jaunt over to my hustling, bustling neighbor I can't say I had really explored it all that much. For so long I stuck to Wrigley Field visits, Michigan Avenue shopping and lakeshore strolls; all of which are more obvious favorites. I had never strayed too far from the popular tourist zones, but after acquainting myself with Lincoln Park during my summer internship, I couldn't help but want to continue familiarizing myself with new Chicago neighborhoods. So when I road tripped home with my roommate for a long weekend, I wanted our Chicago experience to be a bit more explorative than usual - not just for her, but for me as well.

We planned our weekend accordingly, but day 1 was our designated "basic day." I mean, I had to get my fill of Michigan Avenue shopping first - Zara, Topshop, Free People and Nordstrom are essential stops. But day 2, we ventured a bit further. After taking the train into the loop we Uber-ed over to my old stomping grounds in Lincoln Park. I just needed to start my day with a Gluten-free Pistachio donut from Stan's. After fueling up on coffee and carbs, we headed for the Urban Outfitters Surplus - it's packed full of unbelievable UO sales. I'm talking $5 shirts and $10 dresses people.

We strolled through Lincoln Park and Lakeview East before grabbing an Uber over to Wicker Park. And after a quick sushi lunch in the area, we hit Damen Ave. It was such a trendy, cool area and upon introduction reminded me of one of my favorite London neighborhoods: Shoreditch. We strolled up and down the Ave, popping our heads into vintage shops and refueling on Vanilla Lattes at a bookstore/coffee shop hybrid until we were cashed out, both literally and figuratively. We hopped our third uber of the day (all I can say is thank God for Uber pool) and headed for Wrigleyville.

As an enormous Cub's fan (read all about it: http://undermegsumbrella.blogspot.com/2016/10/fly-w.html), I wanted nothing more than to watch a Playoff game at Wrigley. But since tickets are way out of my price range (poor college student here) I settled for watching across the street at the Casey Moran rooftop with friends and family. Just being in Wrigleyville, watching us get the first "W" of the series and being surrounded by other crazy, screaming Cub's fans was such a special experience. Flooding out on the street after, W flags flying and a sea of Cubbie blue engulfing Wrigleyville, I fell a little bit more in love with my hustling, bustling neighbor.

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