James (Bae)

I can still remember my very first concert with such clarity. It was the summer after 3rd grade and my best friend and I were absolutely, irrevocably in love with Jesse McCartney. We had the whole "screaming fan girl" thing down to a T at the ripe age of 8. "Jesse, Call me" basically became our catch phrase. But it wasn't just his dreamy, good lucks that totally entranced me. I genuinely loved his music. It spoke to my pre-teen soul (or should I say ~beautiful soul~). That's the beauty of music though - it will make you laugh, cry, dance, sing and reflect.

As I aged, my McCartney love faded. But I went on to admire new artists, some that are almost too embarrassing to admit and other's that I could still categorize as favorites. Whether it was a Jonas Brothers show or a John Mayer one, I can still pinpoint that moment where I just felt it.When I sat in the crowd and just thought "wow." A moment that takes me right back to those Jesse McCartney days. 

I had been dying to go see James Bay for about a year and after two missed opportunities (London, Chicago) I finally bit the bullet and bought Kansas City tickets. I expected it to be a killer show - the dude's got mad skill and his songs are total bangers. But it was truly unreal and there was more than just one single "wow" moment. He put on such a performance with his sweet, rasp belting through the Arvest Bank Theatre as I danced (quite embarrassingly) along to "Hold Back the River." Bay's opener, Joseph was also such a pleasant surprise and they've been singing from my speaker's ever since. 

Favorite James Bay Tunes: 
- Running 
- Sparks 
- Clocks Go Together 
- Need the Sun to Break
- Incomplete 

Favorite Joseph Tunes: 
- SOS (overboard) 
- Hundred Ways 
- White Flag 
- Canyon 
- Honest


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