I Left my Heart in Central Park

When I started this blog I was 17-years-old, nearing my senior year of high school and completely entranced with the idea of being a Magazine Writer in New York City. And although it's been three years since "Under Meg's Umbrella" first found its own corner of the web, I feel light years away from that moment in time. (Haven't I been blogging forever?) After arriving home in my safe, suburban bubble following a week in the realest city I had ever known, I sat down to publish my very first blog post. I can still feel my fingers gliding across the keyboard as I melodramatically declared that I had left a piece of my heart in that city.

Now, I am 20-years-old, feel infinitely older and have seen so much more of the world. I've lived on my own, traveled, had jobs and internships and have met incredible people. But when I headed back to NYC this summer to visit an old friend, it kind of felt like I was also visiting a younger version of myself too. I was that girl again, so mesmerized by the magic of New York City. And as cliché as it is to admit, I swear it exists.

{Easily a highlight - getting to attend the Parke & Ronen show at New York Men's Fashion Week}


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