Taking on Zurich

There was a hot second when I was worried the Zurich trip wouldn't happen. We were due to fly out of Gatwick airport almost two weeks after the Brussels terror attack. I was definitely spooked by the tragedy, but when a video was released by alleged ISIS members calling London their next target, I was kind of inconsolable. The footage features two masked Brits laughing as they warn of a similar attack, but this time threatening the safety of Gatwick. I was completely spinning out.

As a total paranoid mess it really took a lot for me to (wo)man up (but I did!!!!) Thankfully I managed to suck up my fears and board the flight, and it genuinely turned out to be such a special trip. It was unlike any other place I had visited and beyond what I had pictured. It quickly became a European favorite and I was beyond glad I hadn't chickened out.

A few Zurich requirements: Eat lots of fondue (the chocolate and cheese variety), wander aimlessly and explore (this is kind of my general travel suggestion), shop along the Bahnhofstrasse, more chocolate and :

1. Hike the Uetliburg

{It was a quick train ride up to the Uetliburg. We payed for 17 Franc tickets, but a little FYI they don't actually check to see if you have them. So do with that info what you will. It was incredibly beautiful. The kind of views you'd imagine for Switzerland. It also happened to be the spot my great-grandparents had gotten engaged, so it was definitely a little extra sentimental for me.} 

2. Paddleboat on Lake Zurich

3. Stroll through Old Town


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