Off Season Mykonos

My parents have almost exclusively referred to my study abroad experience as an "extended vacation" and to be fair I really don't have much room to disagree. It certainly wasn't the most conventional semester, academically or otherwise. We didn't spend so much as two hours in a classroom for my Architecture course, instead spending each monday morning wandering the city and learning the history behind all of London's brilliant landmarks. We visited Abbey Road and Jimmy Hendrix's house for my British Youth Culture class and toured BBC for Media and UK politics. It was all fun, but that doesn't mean it was also always games. When midterms finally rolled around the workload hit. I had essays to write, tests to study for and sleep to be deprived. Once it finally blew over all I wanted was to lay on a beach with the sun beating down. Lucky for me thats exactly what I got to do, and not just on any old beach, but one in Mykonos, Greece.

When I say it was the most beautiful place I've ever been, I mean it. While the summer months in Mykonos are generally popping with partiers, the off season was quiet and peaceful. I spent the weekend lounging on the beach, exploring the town, walking along the coast, devouring copious amounts of Greek food and sipping frozen drinks. It was the perfect vacation from my hectic "extended vacation." 


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