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Paris may be the city of lights, but its also the city of love. Its a place that has long been romanticized by the masses and served as a setting for many of our favorite television and film couples to fall in love. After all, its where Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big finally reunited (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). French wine and baguettes must simply serve as our 21st century love potion. And although I'm just a ~single pringle~ and my life is anything but romantic at the moment my trip was still about love, just a different kind. I spent my time admiring the Eiffel Tour, sneaking photos of Notre dame and boating across the Seine River along with my parents. I was glad to take on the city of love with two of the people I love most.

We stayed at the most charming Parisienne apartment right on the Champs Élysées and although we were all inexperienced visitors, the location was perfect. And by perfect I obviously mean right across the street from Laudurée. Characterized as the city's most iconic street, the Champs Élysées is a café and shop lined path straight to the Arc de Triomphe, and from it everything felt walkable. We spent Friday evening, all day Saturday and much of Sunday exploring the city's landmarks and scarfing down copious amounts of french food. Le Bistrot Paul Bert was easily the highlight of my dining experience and anyone that dares to mention Paris even in passing will be forced to hear me ramble on about their filet de beuf in peppercorn sauce and frites.

I had seen Paris so many times before. I had watched it on TV and in films, I saw it in magazines and I read about it in books. But no matter how many "Carrie Bradshaw's" I've watched fall for the city of lights, it just doesn't compare to falling in love with it myself.

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