Pinkies up for 20 Years

I turned twenty this past week and although the new age doesn't come with the same kind of exciting firsts as eighteen did and twenty-one will, it still felt like a big birthday. Being a "twenty-something" feels like such a leap from "teenager" and having it happen while in London made it feel like that much more of a milestone.

I'm super tight with my fam and the fact that their visit coincided with my 20th couldn't have worked out better. I spent the week trying to show them the best London experience: Westminster Abbey, The Churchill war rooms, Big Ben, a historic pub crawl, St. Paul's Cathedral, etc. But for my day we got to share a very British first that I hadn't gotten around to yet: Tea at Harrods. And now I'm probably gonna start rambling about the delicious gluten free food (per usual) because let me tell you: it was all killer. We did the Georgian Afternoon Tea and although I'm generally much more of a coffee drinker the Georgian blend was honestly so good (like "4 cups deep" good). For the food, my gluten free options were actually very similar to my parents gluten-filled tray. We had an array of finger sandwiches, scones and desserts. I didn't know you could leave an afternoon tea stuffed, but I did. Everything about it felt so high society (and while normally I'm more of the clumsy type than the classy one, I managed to not spill on myself once!!!!!!!)

I may already be two years into adulthood, but twenty does feel a lot more grown up and the afternoon really suited my milestone. I got to celebrate my first British birthday in the most british way (and with two of my favorite people alongside me - Hi Mum & Dad)


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