Myth Buster: The London Food Reputation

Pre-London I was mildly terrified that the food was gonna end up being just as bad as everyone warned. But now that I'm actually here and eating my way through the city to be honest I don't really understand the negative reputation. I get that not everyone is so keen on fish and chips and shepherds pie, but despite the fact that I'm actually in England, I wouldn't say English food necessarily dominates the scene. 

To quote a wise man (aka my uber driver), "You can get any type of food here and chances are it will be just as good as in the country it originated from." While I can't say I've been everywhere to compare, I'm still siding with good ole Mohammed on this one. I've basically sampled a little of everything: Chinese, Vietnamese, Venezuelan, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Italian, French, Spanish, etc. etc. (I was 100% serious when I said I was eating my way through the city) and I have yet to be disappointed. London is regarded as one of the greatest cities in the world and so it shouldn't be such a shock that the food is on par with (or even better than) its competitors. 

One of my favorite things about old LDN are the markets. I felt ~sooo~ Amanda Bynes in "What A Girl Wants" romping through the Camden lock (minus the hot british boyfriend and royal father part :/ ). There are fun shops, lots of food, cool stalls and the best fresh squeeze orange juice you'll ever get. I can pretty much promise you will leave ridiculously full and with way too many things you don't need. Its a prime example of the London food culture with what feels like the whole world represented solely in the cuisine. Its not even just that they have killer food, but a lot the stands offer gluten free options too. And its not even just gluten free, but its good gluten free (really, really good).

I may think that the Chipotle here tastes a little off, I may be lost as to where in the city they sell regular m&m's (why do the grocery stores only stock the peanut variety??) and I may be a little miffed I can't find any regular popcorn (I'm tired of kettle corn, OK!), but the food is good. The food is actually a lot better than good and chances are I will be constantly rambling blogging about all my favorite spots. Stay tuned.

Chip chip cheerio,

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