I'm Here, I Guess?

Westminster Abbey
Everyone told me that it wouldn't hit me until I was boarding the plane. The "it isn't real" feelings would suddenly vanish and this crazy concept of a semester abroad would fade into reality, but it hasn't really happened like that for me. In the most cliché way of phrasing it, I've had to pinch myself a lot. Its been a haze of orientation sessions, first classes and first introductions to blur my vision. This experience has obviously been exciting from the start (because London!), but to be completely honest its also been stressful and overwhelming (because London!!!)

Today was the first day that felt normal and maybe it was because I didn't have an agenda. I wasn't touring Westminster Abbey or busing over to Windsor castle or walking through museums. I was just walking down the street to the Tesco for a few groceries, I was hopping the 73 bus line over to Oxford street for a few errands and I was making grilled cheese for dinner. They were all things I'd be doing at home or in Columbia, but instead in this big, beautiful city. All the tourist-ing is incredible, but there is also something really spectacular about a regular day in this irregular city that I get to temporarily call home. As I rode that 73 back to my residence hall in Kings Cross I realized how after only two short weeks things were actually starting to become familiar. I don't think I'm gonna have to pinch myself so much anymore, because this is my reality and thats pretty "brill!" (Mom assures me this is cool british slang)


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