Five Ways I'm Prepping for London

My London plans have been official for some time now, and yet it wasn’t until recently that I started to feel the reality of my impending adventure.  A reality that is both insanely exciting and as equally terrifying.  There is a lot that goes into studying abroad and it feels as if I’ve just started checking things off my to-do. 

Time is a ticking: I only have 3 months and 15 days to go.  Just 3 months and 15 days until I’m heading to an airport, boarding a plane and jetting off to a completely different continent for four whole months.  I’m feeling every emotion, which is mostly out of this world excitement (or should I say “out of this country?”)  But I’m also nervous, overwhelmed and stressed with all those things waiting to be checked off the list.  So, how exactly have I gone about prepping for only the coolest semester of my life?

By freaking out: Both the good kind of freaking out and the bad kind. I’ve probably never been more excited for anything in my entire life.  I’ve never travelled outside of the country, let alone spent a significant period of time living abroad.  Despite how cliché it all may sound, I am confident its an adventure that will change my life.  However, that being said, there is still so much that needs to get done and with only three months left to take care of it all.  And as I said, time is ticking…

By drowning in paperwork: Because my study abroad program is through IES and not simply Mizzou, it can feel like I have double the paper work.  I’ve been spending much of my free time checking for upcoming deadlines and trying my best to finish up everything in a timely manner. 

By desperately searching for scholarships: Studying abroad is expensive.  Studying abroad in London is even more expensive.  I've been trying my best (and failing miserably) to find any sort of scholarship to help with expenses.  How am I supposed to afford my European appropriate wardrobe and weekend getaways without a little extra help? (Kidding) (But not really)

By obsessively planning European adventures: I'm planning to soak up as much London as possible, but it doesn't mean a few weekend getaways aren't in the books.  Neither my roommate nor I have ever been to Europe and thus our travel bucket-list is a mile long.  We've been researching destinations, travel accommodations, plane tickets, etc. obsessively.  My #1 = Switzerland.  Gotta get in touch with my ancestry, yo!

By searching for a Subleaser: I finally just nailed down my subleaser for next semester!!! However, since I’m studying abroad with my current roommate I’ve been helping her figure out subleasing details, as well. 

More London updates to come...

- Meg


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