London, here I come

I know that I've vocalized this so much in the past year, but here I am again to reiterate: the best things are the most unexpected.  My freshman year of college was without a doubt the most difficult and yet it was also the most rewarding.  It seems as if everything that came my way was unplanned, a new challenge in of itself for a person like me.  However, so many of these surprises have only bettered my life.  I guess in a way it's the kind of excitement I've always yearned for.

I remember sitting on the quad in early october with two of my new friends (now two of my best friends) dreaming about a semester abroad, but at that moment it had felt like a pipe dream.  I never expected that almost a year later I would be spending my time preparing for a semester in London, England with one of those very friends that I had sat on the quad dreaming with.  This upcoming January I will fly away from the comforts of home and Columbia for a semester abroad and although I can't help but plan just a little, there is part of me hoping for a few unexpected twists, as well.

London, here I come.


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