Imagining Dragons...

I am such a major homebody (30 year old trapped in a nineteen year old body???) and while there is no doubt I've been enjoying my collegiate adventures,  I would give just about anything to be home this summer.  Because I'm staying in Missouri for residency I don't really get the opportunity that my brother and most friends have gotten: a real vacation.  The school year ended and then started back up again just a week later with a brand new class and a demanding work schedule.  Instead of chilling poolside, I've been splitting time between a classroom and a cubicle.  As silly as it sounds I've really had to make time for fun.  I'm usually so focused on my responsibilities that my only down time is spent recharging.  Overall exhaustion aside, I always want to make the most of the situation I'm in and create some cool memories.   

My roommate and I had both been eager for a weekend away from Como.  As much as I love it, the claustrophobia had just set in.  We unexpectedly stumbled across Imagine Dragon tickets for that very week in St. Louis (They had been on my list to see!!!!) and we booked our reservations.  It was honestly so perfect to escape everything and just see such a killer show - so, so, so, so beyond great live.  We had purchased just "okay" tickets, but decided during the openers to just YOLO it and sneak up to a few empty front row seats we spotted and it was so worth all the nerves it took to get there.  We got to explore St. Louis a little the next day and while it's definitely no Chicago, it was just fun to have any kind of summer vacation.   

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