I Got it From My Momma

There is this running joke amongst my nearest and dearest that I was adopted, switched at birth, etc.  Although, I am confident I wasn't really, the lack of physical similarities between my parents and I has lead to some teasing on both ends.  As a child I definitely was a mini-me of my mom, but as I aged the similarities seemed to stop.  While I was lucky enough to inherit her hair (thank God!), I've struggled to see any other resemblence, at least as far as appearance is concerned.  

My mom is beautiful inside and out, upside and down.  She embodies every definition of the word.  
And although she is a blonde haired and blue eyed, I am definitely the darker hued version of her.  She has passed on an inner brilliance unmatched by any.  She often refers to me as Mo 2.0, the new and improved her, but all I could ever aspire to be is as equally strong, smart, funny, loving, hardworking, and witty as her.  She has taught me what it means to be a true woman of God, a real friend, a determined worker and a light-hearted soul.  I am who I am because of her spirit and love and I am eternally grateful for both her parental role and friendship.  

When I say she is my best friend, I mean it in every context.  I'm quite certain I talk to my mother more in one day than most college kids talk to theirs' in a week.  Some of my favorite friday nights are spent on the couch with her, binge watching Gilmore Girls or Felicity (we swear we're an even better mother daughter duo than Lorelie & Rory!).  We share clothes, a sense of humor and I swear sometimes even brain waves.  She is without a doubt the greatest friend and mother. I'm incredibly lucky to have inherited her hair, but far luckier to have inherited her heart. 

Love you Momma! 


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