Our Besties: The Eli Young Band

One of things I love most about going to school in Columbia is the music scene.  While campus definitely embodies the "so college" experience, downtown exists so separately, with a very different vibe.  Record stores, coffee shops, art galleries, indie movie theaters, and a few really great live music venues; its this whole other experience and one that I really love.  The Sam Hunt show at the Blue Note turned out to be one of my favorite nights from this semester and so I figured the Brett Eldredge/Eli Young Band concert would be equally as great (it was).        

My mission before the show was to meet Brett Eldredge.  The day of I was working on homework downtown at one of my favorite coffee shops, Kaldi's.  I was just casually checking my snapchat updates when I noticed Brett was eating at one of my favorite breakfast spots, Ernies, and then goofing off at one of the coolest vintage shops, Maude V's.  I remained (somewhat) cool and collected and casually strolled around downtown with a friend in hopes of seeing him, but ultimately with no luck.  

After the (incredible) outdoor show, we walked over to where the tour buses were waiting.  I was determined to get a picture with Brett, but when his tour bus finally peeled away without so much as a glimpse of him I accepted defeat.  As we were walking away we noticed a few guys stepping outside of a building on the edge of downtown, heading for a bus.  It wasn't Brett, but it was 3/4ths of the Eli Young Band.  As non-awkwardly as we could, we asked if they were who we thought.  They offered pictures, which we obviously accepted and then we spent a little while just chatting them up outside their tour bus, no big deal (but actually a very big deal).  We discussed snapchat and concluded it is indeed the best. We discovered our mutual love of Birkenstocks.  My friend and the Bassist discussed their shared hometown of Omaha, while I interjected that Illinois was far better.  It was a cool night and they were pretty cool.


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