Man is Dog's Best Friend // Dog is Man's Best Friend

The last nine months have been the first time in my entire life that I haven't had a dog.  My parents got their first "child," a chocolate lab named Nestle before I was even born, and when I turned six Wrigley came into our lives.  I know that everyone loves to claim their dog is the best, their dog is the cutest, but I whole heartily believe that mine was.  I cannot fathom the existence of another dog out there as perfect as my Wiggy.  Losing Nestle was undoubtedly sad, but losing Wrigley was losing my little puppy brother.

The last time I ever cuddled with him was the day I left for college.  We laid on the living room floor together all snuggled up on the soft carpeting, his head resting quietly in my lap.  I was genuinely heartbroken to be 5 hours from his furry embrace.  There were times he had gotten on my nerves - like all brothers do.  When he would run out the front door while I paid for a pizza, when he'd jump up and steal the food right from my plate (he was such a foodie), his constant need to ring his "bathroom bell" to go outside, the fact that a pair of my slippers never went un-chewed.  But he was also there, always - like all brothers are.  I cried as I said "see you later" to my sweet puppy, but it was as if subconsciously I knew it was goodbye forever.  Two weeks later he passed away unexpectedly.  And as hard as it was to lose him while I was away, I got to say the most spectacular and beautiful goodbye.  I held him and I loved him and he got to steal the hat off my head one last time. 
I think a lot of people probably laugh at me for how much I loved Wrigley, and how much I still do.  I'll still post an instagram of him from time to time, his pictures are plastered all over my bulletin board, his smiling furry face still the home screen on my phone.  But the honest to God truth is that he was my brother - my furry, four legged little brother.  This probably makes me a crazy dog lady, but that's a title I'll gladly proclaim.  I cant wait for the future to welcome new pups to my family but I will never truly stop loving (and obsessing) over my other babies, Nessie and Wiggy.  I know they are just straight chilling in Heaven and I'll see them again. 

Dogs really are man (or woman's) best friend.


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