Pre-college there was never really a question of whether I was going to go greek or not, I just was.  I don't really recall a specific time when I came to this conclusion or really anytime that I considered anything other.

I arrived at Mizzou a week early for recruitment, mildly terrified, but seemingly prepared.  As a rather introverted person the concept of rush week was certainly daunting, but I had my talking topics memorized, my best smile rehearsed, and most importantly: my outfits planned.  I spent much of that week wondering why I felt so out of place.  The conversations went well, my fake smile started to feel real, but whenever I tried to imagine myself as a part of a the greek system, I couldn't and so eventually I decided I wouldn't.  I definitely did not come to this decision easily.  I am somewhat of a compulsive planner and so I struggled with the self-inflicted consequences after such an unexpected shift in plans.  Yet here I am, a semester and (almost) a half later confident as ever in my decision.

I have some really incredible friends that are apart of sororities and I have some really great friends that like myself have opted out.  At such a greek oriented school like Mizzou there is such a pressure and an emphasis on becoming apart of the system.  The thing is, not everyone is cut out to be a Srat girl or a frat guy and that is completely okay!  I've read so many articles regarding what makes greek life so incredible, and while I am confident it is for many people, it doesn't mean that it's the right choice for everyone.

I think that it's so completely important to find your "home away from home" in college, but for me that wasn't through a greek house.  In some respects, I'm still building that level of comfort, but in the process I've stumbled into some enduring friendships and found an unexpected sense of community.


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