25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

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If there is one thing that I am confident in, its my embarrassingly extensive knowledge of celebrity gossip.  Maybe its my journalistic instincts that have driven this appetite for info, but either way I've become a total pop culture junkie - this is a valuable life skill, right?

I've acquired this talent (remember not weird/nosy but very journalistic of me) through the occasional US weekly iPhone alert, casual People.com visitations, and of course the following of all major magazines on twitter.  (Note: I believe this quality makes me more Mindy Kaling/Lahiri-like thus I have no shame!)

One of my favorite US magazine features is the "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me."  For whatever reason I have such a fascination with finding out the most random facts about my favorite celebrities.  So, in honor of this passion, I've decided to put together my own "25 Things You Didn't Know About Me," (or probably cared to know). Anyways, Enjoy!

1. I'm terrified of heights

2.  My parents and brother are the most important people in my life (and also the coolest).

3. I love rainy days

4. I played high school tennis and those memories are my absolute favorite from high school.

5. I love pictures

6. I am a magazine journalism major

7. John Mayer is my all time favorite - I own every single one of his songs!

8. I absolutely love Ed Sheeran.  I'm sure you can imagine my excitement over Ed and John Mayer's Late Show appearance/Grammy performance. (And when they designed each other's tattoos, swoon!)  

9. I am a dog person (like a really, really big dog person)

10. I'm a self described grandma trapped in a 19 yr old body

11. I'm gluten intolerant :'(

12. I love college football (MIZ!!!!!) and MLB baseball (CUBBIES!!!!)

13. In kindergarten I watched the Sandlot every single day (I wish I was joking......)

14. If I could I take a trip anywhere right now, it would be Seattle.

15. I think Mindy Kaling is the absolute funniest

16. Total coffee addict

17. I watch way too much television.

18. I'm directionally challenged - I will get lost

19.  I love blankets

20. I interned and wrote for my local newspaper when I was in high school.

21. Taylor Kitsch (AKA Tim Riggins) is my ultimate celebrity crush.

22. I enjoy the bachelor more than I'd like to admit

23. I love the show Locked Up and watch it with my dad every single time I'm home

24. Diet pepsi over diet coke

25. I love me some Jesus

Now you know a bunch of completely random facts about me, you're welcome


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