Dorm DIY

Before shipping off to college I prepared in the best way I possible could, by obsessively pinning craft and decor ideas on Pinterest.  And while in the end a majority of my room's style was thanks to HomeGoods and Pottery Barn, there were a few DIY touches I tried to spice up good ole room 920.     

In my quest to transform a dingy dorm into a cozy second home, I kept on stumbling across the perfect rustic mason jars on Etsy.  I decided to craft my own version instead of online ordering and after a quick trip to Michaels for paint, brushes, and 99 cent jars I got to the fun part.  It was such a simple, easy, fun project and little impatient me didn't even have to wait for UPS shipping!   

I painted two coats to get the perfect color and consistency.  I waited 24 hours for the first coat to dry and then again 24 hours for the second.  

I wanted my mason jars to possess the sort of rustic vibe of the Etsy version.  After the paint had dried I lightly ran a nail file across the jar in order to rough up the appearance.  

What are your thoughts on my dorm DIY?


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