California Diaries: San Francisco

I've sort of dubbed myself a "city girl," despite the fact that I've never actually lived in one.  Growing up 40 minutes outside of Chicago allowed me easy access to the hustle and bustle that certainly didn't exist within my suburban bubble.  Being just a short train ride away from A+ shopping, some of the best (gluten free) restaurants and the undoubtedly unique city culture has establish my true affection for the city life.  

While I cherish "stay-cations" and day trips to my nearby city, some of my favorite getaways have been other urban destinations.  My complete adoration for New York City being an obvious example.  However, after vacationing in San Francisco this past summer I experienced a whole new style of city and I once again found myself smitten.  

Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: Free People


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