The California Diaries: Sonoma/Monterey/Carmel

Before we actually arrived in Sonoma I was a little bummed that we would be spending more time in wine country than San Francisco.  I figured there would be little for the "under 21 crowd", but I ended up having the most relaxing stay.  I soaked up lots of vitamin D by the pool - books, music, and Pina Coladas required.  I indulged in a massage at the Spa and I tagged along to some wineries.  Wine tastings are certainly not the only thing they offer - the views were picturesque.   

After Sonoma we headed over to the Monterey area for just a night's stay.  We started out with the 17 mile drive, winding down the roads and catching incredible glimpses.  We walked the beaches and golf courses and took absurd amounts of photos because you can't not.

Carmel was the last stop before San Francisco and it was definitely my favorite little town we walked/drove threw.  The beach views were like all of the other beach views in Cali, perfection.  And the little downtown is probably the cutest area I have ever laid my eyes on.  Needless to say, I am smitten.


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