The California Diaries: Point Reyes

Before arriving in California, I had no idea what to expect.  Not of the state and certainly not of the wedding destination: Point Reyes, CA.  My only knowledge of Cali was what I had learned from movies and TV (Currently binge-watching the O.C. ;-)  I had held high expectations for my west coast getaway, yet some how it still surpassed everything I had hoped for.

Originally when I heard that the drive from the San Francisco airport was a good hour from Point Reyes, I was not thrilled.  I had just spent a good 4 hours on the plane and I had my midwestern heart set on some fun in the sun fog.  The drive turned out to be one of my early vacation highlights, winding hilly roads featuring spectacular views.  And then we rolled into the most adorable little town and found our even more adorable little cottage.    

We only spent 3 days in Point Reyes and pretty much all of it was wedding related, but we were able to get away to Kehoe Beach for a hike and a pretty view. 

Mom took a picture of Dan taking a picture of Dad taking a picture of me taking a picture...

Hiking like pros

Sporting some Mizzou workout gear on the beach! 


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