The California Diaries: The Oakville Grocery

Traveling as a gluten intolerant can be one of two things.  1. Absolutely traumatizing (having flashbacks to the pancake like things I experienced on a past cruise).  2. Totally lip licking delicious (filled with warm memories of Risotteria in the west village).  Considering that California is the home of many fad diets, I was confident that there would be a few gluten free options.  However, it turned out to be a gluten free wonderland and thus I was one happy (and stuffed) gf girl.

There were LOTS of highlights - The Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes (Heavenly gf blueberry muffins),  The Carneros bistro in Sonoma (My mouth is watering with just the thought of those Shrimp & grits),  and Tacolicious in San Fran (FILET MIGNON TACOS - need I say more?) And although everything was SO good, there was one place that holds a special place in my gluten less heart.

The Oakville Grocery in Napa Valley is the oldest grocery store in all of California AND I do believe the absolute cutest.    As soon as we walked in I was OBSESSED.  I then strolled around and discovered all of the amazing eats...

Lets talk about the bakery: The gluten free cookies (OMG) & the donut muffins (life changing).

After a full day of wineries we picked up some cheese, proscuitto & gf crackers and had the most relaxing evening on the pool patio.  (I LOVE me some brie!) 


Me devouring my donut muffin! Yum yum.


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