Do you like Pina Coladas and Getting caught in the rain?

The same day that I picked up my beloved pineapple dress from the Topshop section of Nordstrom, I also made a pitstop at the department store cafe.  As I was walking in I spotted a sign featuring their brand new Pina Colada smoothie and I was instantly craving what they were advertising.  I'm obsessed with both coconuts and pineapples, so its hardly a surprise that the combination in smoothie form was heavenly.  I slurped it down before I even got to the dressing room and since I've been dying for a recreation.  (FYI to all my gluten free friends - they have yummy GF pastries at the Nordstrom cafe now!  Another reason to be obsessed ;-)

My version wasn't quite as addicting (I'm guessing the lack of sugar and artificial ingredients are to blame), but it was still quite the treat and the perfect healthy dessert.  

P.S. try singing the title and maybe you'll catch on ;-)

These are all of the ingredients I used, except MUCH more ice than called for.  I used about four or five cups, opposed to only one that the recipe instructed.  

I obviously paired my Pina Colada smoothie with more pineapples....

The Recipe:



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