The High School Graduate

Last saturday, May 17th 2014, I graduated high school!  Its still so weird, exciting and bittersweet.  I keep trying find excuses to bring up my new title as a high school graduate (obviously because I am a total dork).  Its not as if I didn't think  I was going to get there (ha ha) but its still so thrilling.  The entire graduation day was just blast and I loved getting to spend time celebrating with my favorite friends and family members.  

Graduation started EARLY!  So, obviously, the beautification process did as well.  I was up by 7:00 for hair curling, makeup application, dressing, AND pictures of course!  We then hit the road to graduation, which was held about an hour from home at NIU.  Pre-ceremony there were A LOT more pictures.  I'm being totally serious when I say my cheeks actually hurt.  When it was finally time to walk, I sucked up my foot pain because I was wearing killer heels that actually killed, and I accepted my diploma :) 

Just by chance my parents ended up being RIGHT next to my row.  Which was prime for photos and when the mid ceremony boredom kicked in.  They never fail to make me laugh!

So glad I got to spend the last four years with this girl as one of my best friends (and former conference winning tennis partner)

Always a momma's girl

The whole clan (and the greatest people I know)

Love at first sight! Featuring my gorgeous new Michael Kors handbag I received as a graduation gift.  

Dress: J Crew
Necklace: Kate Spade
Ring: Kate Spade
Shoes (not pictured): Dolce Vita
Earrings (not pictured): Kate Spade
Nail Polish: Sinful Colors
Handbag: Michael Kors


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