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The day after the Oscars is quite comparable to December 26th.  While it is arguably the most disappointing day of the year, there is still that Christmas high hanging over our heads.  A similar sensation hypnotizes us post Oscars as well.  Despite the end of Award season sadness, I was still floating in a couture cloud and cross referencing all best dressed lists throughout the school day.  

The Oscars are really different than the rest.  You most certainly cannot just flip on the TV unprepared and catch a few glimpses between Keeping up with the Kardashians.  And if you were watching KUWTK last night Shame on you!  Its the Oscars People! I, personally, was ready with a game plan.  I set up everything to record in advance for pausing, skipping and replaying purposes (because of necessity breaks only i.e. bathroom, shower, eating)  I then began at 12:30 pm.  Fixed up at my vanity in front of my TV.  I had all of the requirements: Blankets, comfy clothes, laptop, caffein, nail polish, and pistachios and I began my Oscar Marathon.  Countdown to the red carpet, live from the red carpet, and THE MAIN EVENT! 

At the beginning of "Live from the Red Carpet" Giuliana, Ross, and Kelly basically just jabbed on far too long (I actually love them all), but I was too anxious for the real show to begin.  I am not sure which gorgeous gown graced the carpet first, because I scribbled down crazy, disorganized notes as a result of my pre-oscar frenzy but I know that Olivia Wilde was one of the first to catch my eye.  

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Are they not the cutest red carpet couple or what? 

Photo Credit: Just Jared
Olivia Wilde: It wasn't one of the standouts and so I understand why she wasn't present on all the best dressed lists, but it was beautiful and I am obsessed with the peek-a-boo white in the back (not pictured) and the neckline.  Plus she had the best accessory: Jason Sudeikas! 

Photo Credit: Just Jared
Anna Kendrick: There are so many mixed reviews over Anna's dress, but I hold firm and it is for sure a favorite on my list.  I got my first glimpse as she was stepping out of the limo and I was immediately in support.  My only discord is with the shoes, but despite that one fashion downfall I love it.  (J Mendel) 

Amy Adams: Amy does not get a picture, because sadly she did not make the list.  Before you begin your boos, let me explain.  I love her, I loved the dress (color is amazing with her hair/skin tone and that fit was impeccable), and most of all I love that she styled herself.  However, I was just a little disappointed.  Maybe I am being a total hypocrite for choosing Olivia Wilde and not Amy Adams, but it just didn't entrance me in the same way.  Possibly because she has hit it out of the park so many other times.  My sincerest apologies, I had to go with my gut. (Gucci)

Photo Credit: The Guardian
Lupita Nyong'o: I believe there was more anticipation for Lupita's Oscar Attire than for her actual win.  She certainly did not disappoint.  The color on her stunning skin tone, her insanely fit frame, that diamond headband (it's everything), the jewelry (Pinky ring and earrings).  She killed it, no surprise, case closed.

Chrissy Teigen: She was so close to making my list, but after looking at pictures again I decided against.  I do absolutely adore the Monique Lhuillier gown, however, she fell in the ranks due to all of the other stunning stars.  (P.S. those pockets were too cool and I loved that she had her phone in there!) 

Photo Credit: Just Jared 
Naomi Watts: I may have a favorite and it may be Naomi Watts in this Calvin Klein.  Everything about this is flawless: The color, the texture, the *statement necklace, the graphic black and white clutch, and the shoes!  The shoes are not actually pictured, but they were the perfect pairing.  Simple black ankle strap heels (which are my favorite kind ;-) I also believe I spot a red mani/pedi - the PERFECT choice with this white and black ensemble.  

*Statement Necklaces were everywhere last night - REJOICE

Joseph Gordon Levitt: Too dapper and too cute <3 

Photo Credit: Just Jared
Jared Leto: Saturday night was spent watching The Dallas Buyers Club and I will admit that it deserves all the hype.  Specifically, Matthew and Jared.  His incredibly acting chops aside, Jared looked mega handsome/stylish per usual.  Killed with the cream, black, burgundy combo (always love a bowtie)! 

A few questions I have concerning Leto: Does he die his hair or is it naturally that amazing ombre? Why are his eyes so beautiful/where can I get them? How does he look this good at 42?

*Mid "Live from the Red Carpet" thought: "WHERE IS JLAW? WHERE IS JLAW? WHERE IS JLAW?"

Kellan Lutz: Not sure why he was even invited to the Oscars but he actually looks super stylin'.  I believe black velvet and blue detailing - too cool.  

Photo Credit: Just Jared
Matthew McConaughey: Again, amazing in Dallas Buyers Club and AMAZING on the red carpet.  I love the black under the cream.  Also, love that him and Jared are semi matching.  (Yay for his Oscar win and too sweet speech!)

Photo Credit: Hollywood Life
Jennifer Lawrence: JLAW IS HERE JLAW IS HERE.  We can all agree that A. She looks incredible.  B. Her fall was hilarious/made her even cooler.  C. We all want to be her best friend.  (Dior)

Photo Credit: Just Jared
Charlize Theron: She looks so fierce its unreal.  She always looks beautiful (I need a better word), but really this Dior dress is everything.  With the hair and the neckline x the necklace - she is just too cool for school.  I love all of the detailing, but that sheer aspect is the winner.  

Kerry Washington: No best dressed list is complete without the world's best dressed woman (this is actually not an exaggeration, I'm pretty sure she holds this title).  I am drooling over the hair/make up combo and the lavender Jason Wu is too perfect paired with her baby bump.  I also have decided I like her even more than before (I already liked her A LOT), because she is gluten free!  Apparently she turned down Ellen's pizza in favor for a gf version later on in the night! Gluten Intolerants Unite! 

Other Random thoughts/comments from the night

- Obsessed with Emma Watson disappointed with her choice (pretty, but not up to par with her previous fashion choices.  Remember the pants/dress combo!) 
- Pharell in shorts...I don't even know what to say.
- Ellen giving Bradley lotto tickets as a consolation prize (laughing too hard to actually comment)
- Those selfless!!!!! 
- I'm super bored by all of the little awards, but good for them.  
- I actually love that all of these non-famous people are winning stuff, but I am still bored.  
-Ellen was the greatest host ever (bold statement, true statement) 

I hope you survived through this insanely long post enjoyed this extra special post! 


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