Stats and Sweaters

Finals week is upon us.  Yes, the dreaded end of semester exams have rolled around.  Sleep is scarce, caffein is essential and breakdowns are inevitable.  I am one of the many cramming numbers and phrases into my brain, hoping and praying for that A.  I've rarely had a moment to think of anything other than stats the last few days.  Luckily, however, this year's midterm/final roundup has been lighter than in years past.  A lot of projects and writing exams to finish out the semester (my AP french teacher decided to skip the midterm: AKA christmas miracle), but one true final still hangs over my head; AP stats.  The last few days I have been majorly fretting over and I am thanking God that tomorrow it will all be over.  

Generally finals week includes lots of hoodies and sweats and messy hair.  I have never been in support of this sloppy style and so I'll be going a different route: Knit.  I love a good sweater and truthfully I don't think there is anything cozier.  

Hears to oversized sweaters keepin' us comfy, coffee keepin' us sane and Christmas that is coming!  

Currently cannot get enough of burgundy.  Sporting it on the lips and the hips.  

I love skater skirts and as of late I've been just throwing a big old sweater over and letting the bottom peak out.  

Molly Grace Photography
Sweater: Forever 21
Scarf: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Oops I don't remember! 
Boots: Frye

To all of you who are suffering with me:  WE CAN DO IT.

Ace those finals! 


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