Christmas is comin'

5 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS (not counting today ;-) and I am only one final away from christmas break!  Obviously I am procrastinating my studies, but all I can think about is christmas cookies and gingerbread houses and our our annual christmas {several days before christmas} brunch.   I am seriously getting so giddy.  I have so many holiday favorites, but lucky for you I am not going to sit here and type up all those up.  Consider yourself saved, because there are so many reasons why I am a Christmas nut.  I will, however, let you in on a pretty obvious excitement.  HOLIDAY FASHION.  I am already mentally planning out my Christmas day outfit.  Yes, this is an incredibly pressing matter and I will spend far too longer deciding.  I already know what I'll be sporting for christmas eve, this red dress is complete with leather and velvet detailing so obviously it was a holiday no brainer.  

Molly Grace Photography

Dress: Dry Goods 

Do you already have a holiday dress in mind? 


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