Christmas is comin'

5 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS (not counting today ;-) and I am only one final away from christmas break!  Obviously I am procrastinating my studies, but all I can think about is christmas cookies and gingerbread houses and our our annual christmas {several days before christmas} brunch.   I am seriously getting so giddy.  I have so many holiday favorites, but lucky for you I am not going to sit here and type up all those up.  Consider yourself saved, because there are so many reasons why I am a Christmas nut.  I will, however, let you in on a pretty obvious excitement.  HOLIDAY FASHION.  I am already mentally planning out my Christmas day outfit.  Yes, this is an incredibly pressing matter and I will spend far too longer deciding.  I already know what I'll be sporting for christmas eve, this red dress is complete with leather and velvet detailing so obviously it was a holiday no brainer.  

Molly Grace Photography

Dress: Dry Goods 

Do you already have a holiday dress in mind? 


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  1. Hey, Meg finally saw your comment on one of my post. So sweet of you. New York is a whole world, huh? :) I followed you through my google account, maybe you can somehow follow me back that way. I'm having issues with adding that widget on my blog. But anyway, just wanted to thank you for stopping by! Can't wait to see what you're gonna post next. :)