The Every day Wave.

When I was in middle school I began experimenting with my hair for the first time (the reason I don't enjoy flipping through pictures from my pre-teens ;-). I bought my first straightening iron, I tested hot and cushion curling rollers and I learned how to curl my hair all on my own.  Junior high was like my beauty practice.  A majority of the time I failed miserably at styling my hair, clothes, and makeup, but if I hadn't made those mistakes I may not have ever learned how do them properly.  

Through all of my failed attempts I have found a style that suits me.  While I love mixing it up and trying new trends its definitely important to have that signature 'do.  I often have people inquiring about my trademark waves, wondering "how to".  All these individuals like to assume that it is much more complicated than the reality.  It really is as simple and easy as I profess!  :-)



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