Skirting the rules...

I don't consider myself a rule breaker or rebel by any stretch of the imagination.  As self designated "word nerd" you won't find me out on the town supporting the local bar scene or locked up in the clinker for my sticky fingers.  I have probably accumulated all of 4 shameful tardies in my high school career and my record is clean of demerits and detentions.  And while I could be labeled as a "goodie two shoe" in most areas of my life, my sense of style doesn't seem to bear the same title. The expression "Forget the rules.  If you like it, wear it" has become sort of my style saying.  I don't concern myself with what others think, what the "fashion rules" claim, and unfortunately for me, even the weather.  

It seems that I have a long history of inappropriately dressing for the weather.  I guess in an attempt to hold true to my favorite fashion phrase I allow myself to overheat or in today's case, freeze.  I was fully aware before I dressed myself that today wasn't going to be the warmest of the week (and I had even heard the foreboding rumors of flurries), however I truly had my heart set on this ensemble.  And since I liked, I wore it.  

Beatles Graphic tee: Forever 21
Black Maxi Skirt: Forever 21
Leather Jacket: H&M
Flats: Target 
Bag: Urban Expressions 
Nail polish: Ricky color 
Lipstick: Revlon

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