Book worming: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I believe that there is something magical about immersing yourself inside of a story.  You get the opportunity to delve into different worlds and different lives.  There is a such a strong connection that can be formed between an author, his or her story, and the readers following along.  And personally I found myself consumed in my own most recent read, Gone Girl

The novel written by Gillian Flynn was one that had been collecting dust on my shelves for quite some time.  My aunt had left it at my house after she had finished it and neither my mother or I felt any sort of compulsion to read it.  In my contemporary Literature class we began discussing possible novels for our literary circles and Gone Girl had been one my teacher brought up as a possibility.  As soon as she discussed the plot with us, I knew that it would be at the top of my list, but unfortunately it was not an option after all.  So I headed home after school, found the book that had been patiently awaiting my interest, and I dove right in.  

After both husband and wife, Nick and Amy Dunne lose their New York writing jobs they are forced to move back to Nick's small Missouri hometown and care for his ailing mother.  Nick opens up a bar along side his twin sister Margo with whats left of his wife's trust fund, while Amy stays at home jobless and seemingly miserable in her new life.  On the couple's 5th wedding anniversary Nick comes home to find his wife missing and a scene of what appears to be a struggle.  Suddenly he finds himself in the midst of an missing persons investigation and as evidence begins to stack against him the whole town starts to point fingers at its once golden boy.  Nick must fight for  his innocence while proving the guilt of someone no one wants to believe to be the center of it.

As I read I love to theorize about what is going to happen and as the story began I did just that.  But it seemed that every page displayed a new plot twist and I had to continuously reevaluate my speculations.  There were so many events that I did not see coming and I am an expert at spotting foreshadowing and clues.  Chapter after chapter, however, I was shocked by the constant turn of events.  

I love reading diary style stories and so of course this novel was a breeze to read through.  It is split up into the husband, Nick's thoughts and then his missing wife's former journals.  You really do get an insight and personal connection that you wouldn't otherwise feel.

While I was in the middle of reading I found out some very exciting news: They're making a movie!  I am so looking forward to seeing the film adaption of one of my now favorite books.

Up Next? Author, Gillian Flynn's other two novels: Dark Places and Sharp Objects.  I will keep you posted on my thoughts!

Have you read Gone Girl? What are your thoughts! Share below :-)  



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