Crazy for Daisies

As a child I was always reminded to hold onto the years.  Adults can never stress it enough, "Don't go grow up too fast."  As children we laugh off their warnings, unknowing of how quickly the future approaches.  I wish I could go back and convince a younger Megan that what they say is true.  The years really do quickly fade and before you realize it you're practically an adult.  

A week ago I said goodbye to my brother as he began a new adventure - college.  Two days ago I began one of my own, my final year of high school.  I keep figuratively looking back and wondering where all the time went.  When did I get so old? 

Despite my early life crisis I went about the first day of school like I always have, in some of my fashion favorites.  As of late I can't get enough of daisies so the first day of senior year was the perfect time to sport them.  I've always admired the style from the 60's and 70's and I feel as though these eras have inspired this black and white Topshop frock.  I added some sweet sunnies, a pop of color and my go to shoe!

My new neon pink purse adds the perfect pop!

I love the versatility of the double handles.  I can't decide if I like the long strap or the short one better... 

I love my new Madewell sunnies.  They have such a cool retro vibe and the paler pink hue is the perfect pair with my much brighter bag.  

I can't get enough of my new Kate Spade.  It has quickly become a staple.  

Dress: Topshop
Bag: Kate Spade
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Madewell

No matter my age I will always be a kid at heart.  




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